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2022 PRTT Waiver
Please print, read, & sign this form then
*Turn it in at Roger Scott Tennis Center before the Tournament  OR
*Bring it with you at check-in on Friday, April 22nd


~Pink Ribbon Tennis Tournament Format~  
Compass Draw--each team is guaranteed at least 4 matches

(2 on Friday & 2 on Saturday--The more you win, the more you play!)

8-Game Pro Set/No Ad for all matches—first team to win 8 games wins the set
At 7-7, a regular 12-pt tiebreaker will be played (first to seven points by 2 wins!)

Prizes will be awarded on Saturday to

the Top 2 teams in each division
Matches will begin on Friday, April 22nd

~Absolutely No Refunds~

Forfeiture: As a courtesy to the other players in the tournament, we ask that you please be on time for your matches. A forfeiture will be assigned to a team that does not appear on their assigned court within 10 minutes of their assigned match time or court assignment. After the 2nd forfeiture, the team will be disqualified. 

**Please note that there is no guarantee of end times on Saturday. (some finals matches lasted until 6pm in previous years...) Matches will continue throughout the day and possibly into the evening until the Final Match for each division is played. If weather interrupts the completion of the tournament on Saturday, it is possible we will have to complete the matches on Sunday.

Substitute Policy: Players are required to find their own substitutes. Players must contact Selena Emerson (850-723-2325) with the name of your substitute no later than one hour prior to the match. Substitutes must be of a comparable skill level (i.e., a 2.5 player can’t use a 4.0 sub). You may use a sub for any one of the first three matches, but no subs are allowed in the fourth or later matches. In the event an appropriate sub cannot be found, the match will be forfeited. Each player/team is responsible for notifying Selena Emerson, Registration Chair of any changes in registration and substitutions AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

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